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Concise information on human rights for the Security Council is regularly posted here.

In February 2023, the Human Rights Likeminded Office (HRLO) has expanded its work to bring human rights to the Security Council. We are supporting those engaged in the most powerful body of the United Nations to do more for human rights. Informal information-sharing helps overcome political and technical challenges, in particular the lack of sources of information on human rights for the Security Council.


HRLO makes information accessible, mostly drawing on public UN sources, including reports by Special Rapporteurs and Commissions of Inquiry, as well as statements by senior UN officials. The posts below may also include information provided by other trusted human rights organizations, while clearly indicating our sources. The aim is to take a holistic and inclusive approach that takes into account all relevant human rights considerations on every topic, to the extent that our capacity and brevity allow. Most importantly, HRLO is committed to consult closely with those engaged in the Security Council, in particular Member States on the Council that seek to advance human rights.

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