The Human Rights Likeminded Office (HRLO) is an independent organization serving diplomats from over 70 likeminded countries at the United Nations. The Likeminded share similar positions and voting records on human rights.

HRLO provides the tools needed for more effective and constructive engagement and outreach on human rights issues in UN processes, as the political environment becomes more and more detrimental to existing global human rights commitments.

HRLO's Executive Director and Advisory Board.


Supporting the advancement of human rights by Member States at the United Nations

The Human Rights Likeminded Office (HRLO) offers briefing notes, substantive analysis, joint statements and support in preparation for votes. HRLO seeks to support the 70 Likeminded delegations in the General Assembly, Human Rights Council, and the Security Council, among other forums.


HRLO’s outputs enable diplomats to participate actively in more negotiations and discussions at the United Nations. The briefing notes and updates include background, talking points and language proposals for resolutions and dialogues with UN officials. Diplomats attending for the first time require little orientation, if any. HRLO also helps inform colleagues on key developments as they occur, bridge the information gap between New York and Geneva, and provide actionable inputs.

"HRLO inputs are extremely valuable as they are pertinent and concise: it takes about one minute to read them and offer a very good summary on the matter discussed. I have used them for situations when I did not manage to attend the meetings or as memos for when I needed to make a clear point to my capital."

HRLO delivered several projects in the Human Rights Council, the General Assembly (Third Committee) and the NGO Committee. HRLO’s projects help advance diplomatic engagement on key current human rights challenges, such as civil society space, women’s rights, reproductive rights, and LGBTI rights. HRLO also plans to support human rights mainstreaming into the other U.N. pillars, namely sustainable development and peace and security.