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Human Rights Council 53rd Session Outcomes

Below are selected provisions of resolutions of the last Human Rights Council session (June-July 2023) that are especially relevant to the Security Council's agenda, in particular references to the Security Council or aspects related to peace and security.

Country-specific resolutions address Belarus, Colombia, Eritrea, Israel and the OPT, Myanmar, Syria and Ukraine. They are followed by some of the thematic resolutions of the session, addressing arms transfers, child, early and forced marriage, disabilities, education and trafficking in persons.

For each resolution below, toggle to show details (as in example of L.20 Belarus).

All draft resolutions and detailed voting results can be found here.

L.20 Belarus

  • Led by the EU.

  • Title: Situation of human rights in Belarus.

  • Adopted by a vote of 21-5 with 21 abstentions.

  • The previous resolution with the same title in June 2022 was adopted by a vote of 23-6 with 18 abstentions (there is another resolution related to the 2020 presidential election).

  • China called for a vote.

  • Voting among Security Council members: Yes: France, the UK and the US. No: China. Abstain: Gabon and the UAE.

  • Notes with grave concern that, according to the High Commissioner, some of the human rights violations may amount to crimes against humanity when such acts are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack [OP3].

  • Extends the mandate of the Special Rapporteur for one year and requests a report to HRC56 (June 2024) and GA79 [OP21].

  • Recalls (inter alia) the report of the Rapporteur of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) published on 11 May 2023 [PP3].

L.25/Rev.1 Colombia

L.21 Eritrea

L.24/Rev.1 Israel and the OPT

L.30/Rev.1 Myanmar

L.16 Syria

L.1 Ukraine

L.22 Arms transfers

L.3/Rev.1 Child, early and forced marriage (CEFM)

L.17 Disabilities

L.10 Education

L.12 Trafficking in persons


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