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The core of human rights diplomacy lies in the Human Rights Council in Geneva and the General Assembly's Third Committee in New York (Committee on Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs). The Human Rights Likeminded Office has delivered since 2016 two pilots in the Third Committee and one full project plus one pilot in the Human Rights Council. Given sufficient funding, HRLO would be in a position to provide full support in every session of the General Assembly and Human Rights Council.

"HRLO's inputs represent an opportunity to follow more issues than those where we can be present, helping us to be more involved during the whole session and make decisions."

HRLO's projects include succinct and well-informed briefing notes on a wide range of human rights resolutions and plenary discussions with UN independent experts, as well as continuous updates as needed. HRLO also provides unparalleled tools in preparation for the voting process, including analysis of the positions of Member States. Delegations also benefit from HRLO's support in the preparation of joint statements, providing more opportunities for delegations of all regions to speak up together for human rights.

In its project in the Human Rights Council in March 2018 HRLO delivered over 40 outputs. Those included 22 briefing notes, 12 short updates on draft resolutions, 3 draft joint statements, a study on voting patterns, co-sponsors lists, and an informative draft resolutions chart.

"HRLO's information in general and the updates on draft resolutions, co-sponsors lists and draft resolutions chart in particular, made a significant contribution in our delegation's performance since they summarize and make really accessible what is needed not only for the decision-making but also for being informed."

UN Photo/Elma Okic

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