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The Human Rights Likeminded Office offers premium information products by subscription for all:

  1. Blog: Making it Simple. For everyone!

  2. Access to all newsletters and publications for UN professionals.

  1. Blog: Making it Simple. The blog is available to all subscribers - UN professionals and non-UN. Anyone who is into human rights or international affairs may find this interesting, even if your day job does not revolve around the UN. UN professionals may find it a useful simplified version, especially for sharing information with colleagues in other locations.
    >>> Subscribe on Patreon to either of the tiers to access all posts. Check out some visible posts now. Matrons are welcomed too!


  2. Access to all newsletters and publications for UN professionals. While you may already receive the newsletter by email (if you are a colleague from the UN bubble), you can only access past newsletters here (except for those to the Security Council, which are public). Similarly, all past publications, including reports with in-depth analysis and voting forecasts, are available by the same subscription. In addition, you will gain full access to the Making it Simple blog.
    >>> Subscribe on 
    Patreon to "UN Professionals" and sign-up here (click log in at the top).

If you have already purchased the relevant subscription to HRLO's premium information products via Patreon and your membership on was approved (please allow 24 hours), you can now enjoy exclusive access to the newsletters or the reports and briefing notes. The Making it Simple blog can be accessed directly via Patreon.

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