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The Human Rights Likeminded Office has been providing support to governments and civil society at the UN since 2016.

The Human Rights Likeminded Office (HRLO) provides services to support effective engagement by Member States and civil society organizations at the United Nations.

  • Concise and informative briefing notes.

  • Accurate voting forecasts.

  • In-depth research.

  • Consulting to NGOs for access and engagement opportunities.

  • Assistance with drafting statements and resolutions.

Examples of projects that may be sponsored:

  • Third Committee and Human Rights Council: Enhance your engagement with briefing notes, voting forecasts, draft resolutions and draft joint statements.

  • Security Council: Mainstream human rights and strengthen relationship with the Human Rights Council (read here).

  • Small delegations: Sponsor services to support their engagement, including Pacific SIDS.

  • NGO Committee: Monitor and provide data to promote transparency, accountability and fair access (read our guide).

  • Vienna: Link discussions on crime prevention, drugs, trafficking in persons, corruption and the OSCE to Geneva and New York.

  • Any human rights topic: Commission research. Past publications addressed the human rights of LGBTQI+ people; positions on access to vaccines; and obligations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further details:

Briefing notes and reports: Concise yet informative, briefing notes on many topics have supported the engagement of delegates and NGO representatives in the Council. A quick backgrounder on any topic helps participate actively in negotiations, include pertinent points in statements, clarify an issue to Capitals and HQs, and ultimately, mobilize allies in support of a common priority. Member States and NGOs have previously requested HRLO outputs ranging from briefing notes on select priority topics, to a detailed report on a topic of interest, to services in support of an entire session.


Statements: HRLO assisted with the drafting of statements for delegations seeking to advance human rights. Those are supported by robust experience in drafting statements on any human rights topic, a keen understanding of common priorities, and a commitment to thorough research. Hire HRLO to assist with the drafting of joint statements too.

Resolutions: Member States and NGOs have reached out to HRLO for support on resolutions. Voting analysis helps inform strategy; dedicated research identifies expected challenges; and a detailed literature review provides language proposals that can gain wide support.

For further information on areas HRLO can address, please click below or reach out to us.

Human rights portfolio

  1. Core inter-governmental human rights bodies

  2. Gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights

  3. The human rights of LGBTI people

  4. Civil society space


Mainstreaming human rights into other portfolios

  1. Sustainable development

  2. Peace and security

  3. Elections to inter-governmental bodies

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