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Providing services and information to advance human rights at the United Nations.


The Human Rights Likeminded Office (HRLO) is an independent organization supporting governments and civil society organizations in the advancement of human rights at the United Nations.


Services include briefing notes and reports, as well as assistance with official statements and UN resolutions. Since 2016, the organization has delivered projects to the General Assembly (Third Committee), Human Rights Council, Security Council and NGO Committee. HRLO's projects addressed a broad range of human rights topics, such as gender equality, the human rights of LGBTQI people, racism, climate change, civil society space, the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation in several countries.

Information produced by HRLO includes a newsletter for UN professionals seeking to advance human rights. This website will soon offer exclusive access to all past publications - numerous newsletters, reports and briefing notes. In addition, HRLO publishes a blog "Making it Simple" for anyone outside the UN bubble, who wishes to be informed about the UN and human rights. The blog is accessible via Patreon.

Supporting the advancement of human rights at the UN.

HRLO's Executive Director and Advisory Board.

Topics and UN bodies where we operate.

Premium access to all newsletters and publications.

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